TSG – The Specialist Group

Taking a technical challenge and making it a success. That’s the mission of all brands within TSG. By providing specialized secondment of technical specialists in all sectors, they provide the key factor for that success: the people.

These specialists form the basis of technology. They have the power to make every technical challenge a success. Hence, these specialists are at the core of all brands within TSG. When they derive joy, fulfillment and confidence from their job, that’s when success can be achieved. For the specialists and the clients.

That goal is what drives all brands within TSG. Finding the right challenge for ‘our’ technical specialists is the key to their job satisfaction, to a successful project and to the development of the technical sector. But above all, it is what our technical specialists deserve.

Our cornerstones

Although specialized, all brands within TSG have the same foundation. Every day, they work on the improvement, expansion and development of all their professional relationships; the specialists, the clients and their own organization. In doing so, they all rely upon the same cornerstones; the values ​​that define our brands and that are represented in all of their ventures.


All of ‘our’ technical specialists can count on a stimulating and safe workplace that aligns with their goals and strengths. In turn, our clients can count on the right specialists for the job. This mutual trust is essential for the quality of our brands’ work. It makes us and our brands the reliable partner that clients keep coming back to.


Spotting great opportunities where others overlook them and utilizing them where others pass. Opportunities for our brands’ own development and improvement, but above all the advancement of the specialists.


When you add value, when you can utilize your talents and can improve yourself, your work and those around you. That’s when you know you’re in the right place. And that’s when your work actually becomes fun. Finding that place for technical specialists in every field, is what the brands within TSG are committed to do.